Future of regulation theory: open-endedness and post-disciplinarity

Karabıyıkoğlu, Mert
Since the early 1970s, regulation theory have analysed the restructuring of capitalist economies in historical time. As early studies within that political economic research were againt the structural-functionalism explicit in Marxist theories of capitalism at the time on the one hand, and the closed theoretical system of neoclassical economics on the other, regulationists soon resorted to an open-method analysis of stylised facts. Such a method is none other than a middle-range theory. This study touches upon Boyer’s and Jessop’s arguments on the antithetical consequences of this middle-rangeness for further as well as former theoretical research within regulation theory and their particular scheme of infléchissement for that political economic heuristic in institutionalist and integral economic terms.
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M. Karabıyıkoğlu, “Future of regulation theory: open-endedness and post-disciplinarity,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.