Modelling functional dynamical systems by piecewise linear systems with delay

Kahraman, Mustafa
Many dynamical systems in nature and technology involve delays in the interaction of variables forming the system. Furthermore, many of such systems involve external inputs or perturbations which might force the system to have arbitrary initial function. The conventional way to model these systems is using delay differential equations (DDE). However, DDEs with arbitrary initial functions has serious problems for finding analytical and computational solutions. This fact is a strong motivation for considering abstractions and approximations for dynamical systems involving delay. In this thesis, the piecewise linear systems with delay on piecewise constant part which is a useful subclass of hybrid dynamical systems is studied. We introduced various representations of these systems and studied the state transition conditions. We showed that there exists fixed point and periodic stable solutions. We modelled the genomic regulation of fission yeast cell cycle. We discussed various potential uses including approximating the DDEs and finally we concluded.
Citation Formats
M. Kahraman, “Modelling functional dynamical systems by piecewise linear systems with delay,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.