Turkish women's ngo's: a social network analysis

Fındık, Derya
This study analyzes the current situation women’s NGOs in Ankara in terms of the organizational structure and networks. A total of 28 interviews were realized with active women’s NGOs located in Ankara on identification of not only organizational structure such as age, type, focus, target group, ICT infrastructure but also communication and collaboration pattern. Both descriptive analysis and network analysis were performed. The main concern is whether women’s NGOs collaborate with each other? Results demonstrate that women’s NGOs in Ankara mostly use informal linkages based on friendship but do not work with each other in the same projects or campaign. Main reasons behind reluctance to collaborate with the women’s NGOs are loss of autonomy, performing the same activities, lack of trust, and ideological differences.
Citation Formats
D. Fındık, “Turkish women’s ngo’s: a social network analysis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.