Development of an incompressible navier-stokes solver with alternating cell direction implicit method on structured and unstructured quadrilateral grids

Baş, Onur
In this research, the Alternating Cell Direction Implicit method is used in temporal discretisation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations and compared with the well known and widely used Point Gauss Seidel scheme on structured and quadrilateral unstructured meshes. A two dimensional, laminar and incompressible Navier-Stokes solver is developed for this purpose using the artificial compressibility formulation. The developed solver is used to obtain steady-state solutions with implicit time stepping methods and a third order data reconstruction scheme (U-MUSCL) is added to obtain high order spatial accuracy. The Alternating Cell Directions Implicit method and Point Gauss Seidel scheme is compared in terms of convergence iteration number and total computation time using test cases with growing complexity, including laminar flat plate, single and multi-element airfoil calculations. Both structured and quadrilateral unstructured grids are used in single element airfoil calculations. In these test cases, it is seen that a reduction between 13% and 20% is obtained in total computation time by usage of Alternating Cell Directions Implicit method when compared with the Point Gauss Seidel method.