Needs assessment with special emphasis on individual differences based on teaching and assessment methods in science and technology classes by primary school teachers

Özdemir, Pınar
The purpose of this study was to explore and investigate perceptions and needs of the primary school teachers’ in 4th and 5th grade public schools in Yenimahalle and Çankaya districts related to the teaching and assessment methods based on individual differences in science and technology classes. Furthermore this study investigated the teachers’ perceptions on new science and technology curriculum in Turkey and their perceptions on individual differences. The research type of this study include survey, causal-comparative, and also qualitative research in nature which are non-experimental research methods. The study was conducted in the 2005-2006 academic year in Ankara. Three data collection methods were used to collect data from primary school teachers. First, a needs assessment questionnaire was administered on 155 primary school teachers. Then, the researcher carried out in depth interviews with 13 primary school teachers. Furthermore an observational case study including video typing in two science and technology classes was carried out. Quantitative part of the study was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics by using SPSS (e.g., frequences, percentage analysis, and analyses of variance). Qualitative part of the study was analyzed by using qualitative methods (Generating categories, themes, patterns and coding the data). The findings from quanitative and qualitative data indicated that primary school teachers have various needs to apply teaching and assessment methods based on individual differences related to knowledge, experience, students, parents, administrators, resources, opportunities, time, and science books. Also teachers mostly use new approaches in new Science and Technology Curriculum such as individual presentations.