Prediction techniques of acid mine drainage: a case study of a new poly- metallic mine development in Erzincan-Iliç, Turkey

Sezer Özçelik, Ganime Aslı
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is an environmental problem that eventually occurs in sulfide rich mine sites. In Turkey most of the metal mines are associated with sulphide minerals and are potential AMD generators. The purpose of this PhD thesis is to practice universally accepted tools for the prediction of AMD potential for a new metallic mine development. This study involves evaluation of geological data, geochemistry, mineralogy, and acid-base accounting (static tests) data, obtained from the Erzincan-İliç Çöpler Gold Prospect case. The mineralization in Çöpler is in sulfide and oxide types. The oxide is a supergene alteration and porphyry-copper type gold mineralization is classified as an intermediate sulfidation. The major lithologies observed in the study area are the regionally un-correlated meta-sedimentary lithologies, Munzur Limestone, and the Çöpler Granitoid.Thirty-eight representative samples were tested for AMD prediction purposes. Sixteen more were included to the sampling scheme for site characterization. Both acid producing and neutralizing lithologies are present in the mine site. Similarly it was revealed that the sulphate sulfur content of the samples were insignificant that any determined total sulfur amount can be directly considered as the factor for AMD production. Geochemical data revealed arsenic enrichments up to 10000 ppm in the study area. Therefore, during the operational stage, in addition to the planning to avoid or minimize AMD, it is necessary to take precautions against arsenic mobilization during the design of the AMD neutralization scheme. Both Kinetic studies and the heavy metal mobilization related to AMD are kept out of the scope of this investigation. Similarly, management and abatement stages of AMD are excluded.


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G. A. Sezer Özçelik, “Prediction techniques of acid mine drainage: a case study of a new poly- metallic mine development in Erzincan-Iliç, Turkey,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.