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An implementation and algorithm development for UWB through the wall imaging system

Kaşak, Kerem
The feasibility of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) through the wall surveillance system is studied in this thesis. The transmitter and receiver architectures are discussed and an experimental set-up is constructed to verify the theory of UWB sensing. The constructed system has 80 mW peak, 6 uW average transmit power and 500 kHz PRF and a range resolution better than 1 cm. Using the experimental set-up, two problems are examined. The first problem is the respiration rate detection problem. It has been shown that the respiration rate can be accurately estimated and the signs of vital activity can be determined behind the wall. The second problem studied in this thesis is the through the wall imaging problem. The imaging system is based on the construction of a synthetic aperture by sliding the transmit-receive antenna pair along the cross range direction. The cross range resolution is improved by applying a migration algorithm to the collected data. It has been shown that imaging of a scene 8 meters in range, behind a wall of 20 cm thickness is possible with the available power.