Metamodeling for the HLA federation architectures

Topçu, Okan
This study proposes a metamodel, named Federation Architecture Metamodel (FAMM), for describing the architecture of a High Level Architecture (HLA) compliant federation. The metamodel provides a domain specific language and a formal representation for the federation adopting Domain Specific Metamodeling approach to HLA-compliant federations. The metamodel supports the definitions of transformations both as source and as target. Specifically, it supports federate base code generation from a described federate behavior, and it supports transformations from a simulation conceptual model. A salient feature of FAMM is the behavioral description of federates based on live sequence charts (LSCs). It is formulated in metaGME, the meta-metamodel for the Generic Modeling Environment (GME). This thesis discusses specifically the following points: the approach to building the metamodel, metamodel extension from Message Sequence Chart (MSC) to LSC, support for model-based code generation, and action model and domain-specific data model integration. Lastly, this thesis presents, through a series of modeling case studies, the Federation Architecture Modeling Environment (FAME), which is a domain-specific model-building environment provided by GME once FAMM is invoked as the base paradigm.
Citation Formats
O. Topçu, “Metamodeling for the HLA federation architectures,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.