Determination of presentation principles for multi-layered historical towns based on cultural significance case study: Tarsus

Aykaç, Pınar
The main subject of the thesis is “multi-layered historical towns” which are formed as a result of collective creation process and continuous inhabitancy that new buildings, edifices and open areas superimpose in time forming a specific character which can be defined as multi-layeredness. Considering the specific character of multi-layered towns, the principles for the presentation of historical stratification is the foremost objective of the thesis. The thesis focuses on ‘presentation principles” based on cultural significance of multi-layered historical towns so as to conserve, sustain and present their specific character as an integral part of the conservation process. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to determine “presentation principles” for multilayered historical towns in order to reveal and conserve their historical stratification by assessing the historical continuities, interruptions and transformations based on the cultural significance of multi-layeredness. Focusing on this aim, the thesis is structured in two parts as the identification of presentation principles for multi-layered historical towns, discussing the information groups effecting the determination of cultural significance followed by the implementation of these principles on a concrete example as the case study. Subsequently, a proposal for the presentation principles guiding the design stages together with the identification of information groups for the determination of cultural significance is apprehended for the case study. The case study selected in the thesis for the implementation of the proposed principles is Tarsus which is a multi-layered historical town in Turkey having presentation potential for historical stratification. To conclude, depending on the cultural significance specific to multi-layered historical towns, presentation is a way for the understanding and dissemination of these significances. The presentation principles set in this thesis can be regarded as a part of the conservation planning that has to be integrated to the existing process and it is possible to state that these principles are essential for the conservation and sustainability of multi-layered character of historical towns.
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P. Aykaç, “Determination of presentation principles for multi-layered historical towns based on cultural significance case study: Tarsus,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.