A sociological profile of street children in ankara

Pehlivanlı, Ezgi
This thesis draws a profile of children who work/ live on the streets of Ankara relying on children’s life histories and social workers’ opinions about the situation in the context of Social Exclusion. Social is a new concept, was first used in 1960’s around Europe in order to define the groups, who are faced to material and socio-cultural deprivation due to the difficulties experienced by the Welfare States. This study assumes that street children can be explained in the context of social exclusion. Employing qualitative methods, this study main aim of this study is to understand the reasons for children to start working on street. After the introductory chapter, Chapter II provides a theoretical framework, in which street children and the concept of social exclusion are examined. Chapter III focuses on the findings from the life histories of children who work/live on streets of Ankara. Chapter IV contains the information about the interviews with social workers and a comparison part, in which two types of information, is analyzed in the context of Social Exclusion.


Experiences of social exclusion of the youth living in Altındağ, Ankara
Aksungur, Umut; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2006)
In this thesis, the aim is to understand social exclusion of urban youth living in Altındağ, one of the most disadvantaged districts of Ankara. In this study, social exclusion is accepted as a process of long term non-participation in the economic, civic, and social spheres which integrate the society in which an individual lives. Therefore, the definition of social exclusion centered on the notion of ‘lack of integration’ is accepted as a background of the study. In this respect, social exclusion is accept...
New actors of new poverty : the "other" children of Çukurova
Özbek, Ayşegül; Hoşgör, Hatice Ayşe; Department of Sociology (2007)
This study aims to analyze the socio-economic characteristics, living and working conditions, educational profiles and the future expectations of the child workers, who have been living in tents for many years and working as agricultural workers at Karagöçer and Kapıköy areas of Tuzla Municipality (Karataş District) of Adana Province since the early 90s after having been forced to vacate their villages in Şırnak. Thesis tries to expose the poverty, deprivation and social exclusion experienced by families an...
Working street children in Turkey and Romania: a comparative historical analysis in the context of new poverty
Bilgin, Hasret Dikici; Hoşgör, Hatice Ayşe; Department of Sociology (2006)
This study aims to explore the dynamics behind the emergence and expansion of working street children since 1990s in Turkey and Romania, in the context of New Poverty. Poverty is not a new concept, it is a dynamic process, accommodating to new circumstances, its scope shrinking from time to time, but surviving ages. Children, on the other hand, are among the groups that are first and foremost affected from the course of poverty. Nevertheless, working street children is a new notion different from traditiona...
Child Poverty and Youth Unemployment in Turkey
Bayırbağ, Mustafa Kemal; Göksel, Asuman (Wiley, 2018-09-01)
This article investigates the nature, causes, and consequences of child poverty and youth unemployment in Turkey, which is a transition country between the East and the West. It is argued that this in-betweenness leads to a gap between the intended goals and outcomes of relevant policies. The article places a special emphasis on how the post-1980 neoliberal turn has shaped the policy orientation of successive governments, and transformed the nature of child poverty and youth unemployment in Turkey, making t...
Contrasting policies and experiences of asylum seekers in Turkey
Manap-Kırmızıgül, Çiğdem; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2008)
The purpose of this thesis is to describe the asylum seekers that reside in Turkey temporarily, from their own standpoint and from the viewpoint of workers and representatives working in the agencies and institutes involved in the field. This work focuses on the inconveniences experienced by asylum seekers and refugees during their stay in Turkey and the reasons of these inconveniences, in the context of social exclusion. The research for this thesis is based on the analysis of the in-depth interviews that ...
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E. Pehlivanlı, “A sociological profile of street children in ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.