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Dynamic investigation and rehabilitation of existing railway truss bridge under high speed train loadings for passenger comfort

Mutlu, Gündüz
In Turkey, big investments are made to improve the existing train lines for use of new high speed trains. Most of the bridges on the existing train lines are typical and in this thesis one of the standard types, the classic steel truss bridge is investigated. This thesis presents the dynamic investigation of standard type existing truss bridge for passenger comfort criteria under the high speed train loadings. Two different computational analysis models have been developed to idealize the vehicle-bridge modeling to evaluate the passenger comfort that were influenced by dynamic vibrations on bridges induced by trains. Field tests of this bridge have been conducted by two separate institutes, Middle East Technical University and Turkish State Railways, to determine the state of the bridge under existing low-speed train loadings. Eigenvalue and Time history analysis of the LARSA 4D structural analysis program has been used to investigate the vehicle bridge interactions. The solutions obtained from the analysis have been evaluated with the experimental results. Different rehabilitation options are analytically studied to improve the serviceability of standard steel truss bridges per Eurocode 1990:2002, Eurocode 1991-2:2003, UIC 774-3 and UIC 776-1. The focus of this research is to define a relationship between span weight per meter and passenger comfort as well as the stiffness of this type of bridge.