A study of consumers’ emotional responses towards brands and branded products

Karahanoğlu, Armağan
Product experience is a multi‐dimensional user‐product interaction, which includes the user’s emotional aspects. Emotional experience is a component of product experience which comprises the emotions elicited by the brands and products of the brand. This study investigates the relationship between brand and product emotions and the qualities of products that evoke these emotions. The presented study was mainly based on literature review and empirical study. First, psychological background of emotions was reviewed to explain the process underlying these emotions. Then, emotions of users were investigated from design and marketing perspectives. The literature review was then supported by the data collected through the findings of the empirical study. The empirical study aimed at examining the relationship between emotions of users, product qualities and brand of the product. One product of five different brands were shown to the participants and each participant was asked to rate their emotions. Each participant was shown one set of products (i.e. iron), and each set was consisted of original (O), mixed (M) brand names or no brand name (N). The results of 105 participants were evaluated using statistical analyses and content analyses methods. The data analyses were undertaken separately for each of the product groups, with the findings for each group then being cross‐compared using SPSS software. The aim was to elicit information on possible relations between brands that form certain impressions of, and emotions towards products bearing their brand name, plus the change in negative/positive emotions associated with each iron across the three groups. The results give valuable insights into the practical impact of branding, product identity and product emotions. The study also extends the understanding of how branding affects people’s emotional responses to consumer products.


The dimensions of users' fun experiences with consumer products
Cila, Nazlı; Erbuğ, Çiğdem; Department of Industrial Design (2008)
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A. Karahanoğlu, “A study of consumers’ emotional responses towards brands and branded products,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.