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Development of a gis-based monitoring and management system for underground mining safety

Şalap, Seda
Mine safety is of paramount concern to the mining industry. The generation of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which can administrate relevant spatial data and metadata of underground mining safety efficiently is a very vital issue in this sense. In an effort to achieve a balance of safety and productivity, GIS can contribute to the creation of a safe working environment in underground (U/G) mining. Such a system should serve to a continuous risk analysis and be designed for applications in case of emergency. Concept for safety should require three fundamental components, namely (i) constructive safety; (ii) surveillance and maintenance; and (iii) emergency. The implementation has to be carried out in a Web-Based Geographic Information System. The process comprises first the safety concept as the application domain model and then a conceptual model was generated in terms of Entity- Relationship Diagrams. After the implementation of the logical model a user interface was developed and GIS was tested. Finally, one should deal with the question if it is possible to extend the method of resolution used to a national GIS infrastructure.