Peculiarism in the Turkish Left during the 1960’s

Tunçer, Ayşe İrem
In this study, the Turkish left in the 1960s is discussed in the light of the term peculiarism. This is done on the basis of three groups of the Turkish left in the period, namely the Yön journal, the MDD group and the TİP with specific reference to Mehmet Ali Aybar. The main premises of the term peculiarism are considered to be nationalism, Kemalism, developmentalism or non-capitalist path of development, the idea of a “popular national front” and anti-imperialism. Accordingly, each group is discussed on the basis of the above told concepts.
Citation Formats
A. İ. Tunçer, “Peculiarism in the Turkish Left during the 1960’s,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.