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Direct georeferencing and orthorectification of airborne digital images

Kiracı, Ali Coşkun
GPS/INS (Global Positioning System / Inertial Navigation System) brings possibility of relaxing the demand for aerial triangulation in stereo model construction and rectification. In this thesis a differential rectification algorithm is programmed with Matlab software for aerial frame camera images. This program is tested using exterior orientation parameters obtained by GPS/INS and images are ortho-rectified. Ground Control Points (GCP) are measured in the orthorectified images and compared with other rectification methods according to RMSE and mean error. Besides, direct georeferencing accuracy is investigated by using GPS/INS data. Therefore, stereo models and ortho-images are constructed by using exterior orientation parameters obtained with both aerial triangulation and GPS/INS integration. GCPs are measured in both stereo models and ortho-images, compared with respect to their RMSE and mean error. In order to determine Digital Elevation Model (DEM) effect in ortho-rectification, different DEM data are used and the results are compared.