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Acquisition of non-null subject parameter properties in english by speakers of a null subject language, Turkish

Fazıla, Banu
The aim of this study is to answer to questions of how the null subject parameter properties in Turkish are reorganized by Turkish learners of English and whether there is a relationship between the null subject parameter properties in acquiring them. Firstly, a pilot study was conducted to detect the possible inadequacy in data collecting methods. Following the pilot study, a main study was conducted in order to answer the research questions.Thirty-four intermediate and thirty-four upper-intermediate students from METU English Preparation Department participated in the study. Along with these two proficiency groups, a control group of native speakers also contributed to the study whose answers were taken as criteria in evaluating students answers. Two types of tests were used: a 30item grammaticality judgment test and a 17item dialogue task. the test results were analyzed using a statistical program. In the end, it was found that students acquire the properties independently and as their proficiency levels increase, the acquisition of those properties also increases. However, it was also seen that students were not able to acquire these properties which was thought to be a result of parametric difference between Turkish and English. In order to overcome these acquisition problems, some teaching techniques were suggested in the conclusion part.