The Literary representation of hybrid identities: The case of German-Turks

Kayaalp, Ebru


The visual formation of cartesian subject in modern metaphysics : a critique of Cogito philosophy
Ganioğlu, Zafer; Akçay, Ali Adnan; Department of Sociology (2006)
This thesis scrutinizes modern metaphysics through a specific reading and critique of Cartesian Philosophy. In the study, the concepts of metaphysics, ideology, modernity, subject and modern science are re-examined in their relations among them and in that the peculiarity of modern metaphysics is attempted to be revealed. At the core of the thesis, Descartes’ understanding of subject is inquired to be modern subject, and its role in the transformations happened in Western world with the advent of modern age...
The discourse of good in politics
Açıkel, Fethi; Özdalga, Elisabeth; Department of Sociology (1995)
The dialogue of type and model in architecture
Tunçbaş, Adil; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2006)
The idea of type has always been a crucial factor in the field of architecture. Not only it works as a dominator in the design process of architecture but also it supplies the certain ways through which architecture communicates with the observer. In order to understand the interaction between architecture and the observer the idea of type appears as a critical point. This study will be an attempt to understand the dialogue of type and model in architecture. Throughout the research Anthony Vidler’s article ...
The Political meaning of friendship: thinking friendship as a way to collectivity
Hafızoğlu, Günce; Birler, Reşide Ömür; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2018)
This study aims at rethinking the political meaning of friendship and interrogating the possibility of considering friendship as a way to collectivity. For this purpose, Rancièrian conceptualization of politics as an aesthetic matter and as a presupposition of equality is examined. It is suggested that Rancièrian theoretical framework provides insights for considering friendship as a community of equals and thus as a way to collectivity by bearing the original paradox of politics within itself.
The representation of Third world: Discourse of development and feminism
Özuğurlu, Aynur; Ecevit, Mehmet; Department of Sociology (1996)
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E. Kayaalp, “The Literary representation of hybrid identities: The case of German-Turks,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.