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An investigation on stress factors and coping strtegies of english instructors at the English Preparatory Schools of Metu and Ankara University

Petek, Elçin
The study aimed at investigation the sources of stress that english instructors who work at the English Preparatory Schools of the Middle East Technical University and Ankara University experience and the strategies that they use to cope with stress related to their professions. Two scales which consist of a demographic inventory, two questionnaires and a semi structured interwiew were developed by the researces the first scale is "stress factors and coping strategies questionnaire for english instructors" the result of which was analyzed by SPSS under five headings. This data gathering instrument was implemented on 174 English Instructors working at four univesities in Ankara. Data gathered from 112 English Instructors in Ankara University and METU English Preparatory Schools represented the result of the main study. In analayzing the data, descriptive statistics as frequency, percent, average and standart deviation, and inferential statistics as ANOVA was used. The second scale of the current study is a semi structured interview. This scale was piloted with 6 instructors to check the reliability. Finally,was conducted with 6 instructors from two represent the participants of the main study. The result of the interviews were analyzed through content analysis. The result of the study revealed an inverse correlation between the stress level of english instructors and their effectivness in coping. The most stress causing factors were "student attitudes" and "working overload" while the most employed coping strategies were "in class coping", "planfulness", and "self support"