Three dimensional numerical modelling of transport processes in coastal water bodies

Balas, Lale


Experimental investigation of waveform tip injection on the characteristics of the tip vortex
Ostovan, Yashar; Uzol, Oğuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2011)
This study investigates the effect of chordwisely modulated tip injection on the flow and turbulence characteristics of the tip vortex through experimental measurements downstream of a rectangular half-wing that has an aspect ratio of three. This injection technique involves spanwise jets at the tip that are issued from a series of holes along the chord line normal to the freestream flow direction. The injection mass flow rate from each hole is individually controlled using computer driven solenoid valves a...
Three dimensional numerical modelling of discontinuous rocks by using distinct element method
Koçal, Arman; Karpuz, Celal; Department of Mining Engineering (2008)
Shear strength characterization of discontinuities is an important concept for slope design in discontinuous rocks. This study presents the development of a methodology for implementing Barton-Bandis empirical shear strength failure criterion in three dimensional distinct element code, 3DEC, and verification of this methodology. Normal and shear deformation characteristics of discontinuities and their relations to the discontinuity surface characteristics have been reviewed in detail. First, a C++ dynamic l...
Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics of electromigration in aluminum and its alloys
Şen, Fatih Gürçağ; Aydınol, Mehmet Kadri; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2006)
With constant miniaturization of integrated circuits, the current densities experienced in interconnects in electronic circuits has been multiplied. Aluminum, which is widely used as an interconnect material, has fast diffusion kinetics under low temperatures. Unfortunately, the combination of high current density and fast diffusion at low temperatures causes the circuit to fail by electromigration (EM), which is the mass transport of atoms due to the momentum transfer between conducting electrons and diffu...
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of metal active gas welded joint between cast iron and low carbon steel
Ertürk, Murat Tolga; Gürbüz, Rıza; Batıgün, Caner; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2011)
This study focuses on joining pearlitic ductile cast iron with low carbon steel by welding and investigation of this joint in microstructural and mechanical viewpoints. For this purpose E355 steel and GJS600-3 cast iron were joined using metal active gas (MAG) welding process by G3Si1 filler wire. The joining process is shaped mainly by the problems related to the low weldability of cast. Preheating was applied to prevent formation of cooling cracks and effects of post weld heat treatments (PWHT) were surve...
Tijsseling, Arris S.; Hou, Qingzhi; Bozkuş, Zafer (2014-07-24)
An improved one-dimensional (1D) model - compared to previous work by the authors - is proposed which is able to predict the acceleration and shortening of a single liquid slug propagating in a straight pipe with a downstream bend. The model includes holdup at the slug's tail and flow separation at the bend. The obtained analytical and numerical results are validated against experimental data. The effects of the improvement and of holdup are examined in a parameter variation study.
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L. Balas, “Three dimensional numerical modelling of transport processes in coastal water bodies,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1998.