Conservation of archaeological sites in urban areas in turkey : Soli-Pompeiopolis as a case study

Sarıkaya Levent, Yasemin
Urban development has long been the major threat to archaeological sites. Recent theoretical discussions advocate that archaeological sites in urban areas should be protected not only through technical solutions and archaeological studies, but also through spatial planning processes, which define basic mechanisms to direct and control the urban development. Despite a specific type of spatial plan, the ‘conservation plan’ in Turkish legislation, negative impacts of urban development on archeological sites could not be successfully eliminated. This is due to the reason that conservation and planning systems do not concern ‘integration of the archaeological site with the urban built environment’, which results in either isolation or destruction of the archaeological remains. Based on this assumption, the objective of this dissertation is to determine in which points Turkish conservation and planning systems fail to achieve integration and how this failure could be overcame. Turkish conservation and planning systems are evaluated on selected case study area, Soli-Pompeiopolis Archaeological Site, by using three-step qualitative analysis methodology. First, conservation and planning decisions and the built environment shaped by these decisions are examined in details through process analysis. Then, based on qualities of spatial planning process redefined through theoretical discussions, ‘process integration’ and ‘outcome integration’ are evaluated through context analysis. Lastly, reasons of problematic issues on integration are discussed through causality analysis. Concluding the study, a discussion is carried on how to achieve ‘integration of conservation of archaeological sites in urban areas into spatial planning processes’ by making modifications within the ‘Turkish conservation and planning systems’.
Citation Formats
Y. Sarıkaya Levent, “Conservation of archaeological sites in urban areas in turkey : Soli-Pompeiopolis as a case study,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.