(Ir)responsibility of transnational corporations for human rights: the case of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project

Akyeşilmen, Nezir
The profound and observable changes in the world, including globalization, in the last decades have weakened the state power vis-à-vis non-state actors. This process naturally, has marked down the state capacity to protect and promote internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. In this context, TNCs, the principle actors of economic globalization, not only threaten the enjoyment of human rights, but also challenge to the state-centric human rights understanding. This thesis claims that the state-centric paradigm has got difficulties to locate non-state actors that violate human rights. While this study proceeds from the premise that the state is the primary responsible actor, it cannot certainly be considered as the sole responsible actor for human rights. Likewise, the thesis suggests that a new international mechanism that holds also non-state actors, particularly TNCs, responsible for human rights needs to be established.