Reading Sulukule as a social production of space: ownership/possession and boundaries of the dwelling

Baş, Miray
The main subject of this thesis is focused on the notion of taking space as a production and the relations that effect this production. The theoretical background of this study will be based on Henri Lefebvre’s ‘Production of Space’. In this context, the notion of house which is the spatialization of social life, interrogated within the concepts of possession and ownership. This interrogation is constructed on the Sulukule district which presents unfamiliar social and physical relations. According to this, it is designated that, this settlement has a great value with its own dynamics and the unique spatial formation. Therefore the analyses are carried out the social and spatial value of the district and its place in the urban memory, in the light of the concepts of possession, ownership and appropriation. In this respect, the thesis ends with a call for an evaluation of the district, including its social, economic, cultural production facets.