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Students’ perceptions about technology integrated collaborative science projects : an action research case study

Yaşar, Derya
This study examined seventh grade students’ perceptions about collaborative learning, peer and teacher support, project based learning, technology integration into Science and Technology lesson and forum. The research included the implementation of collaborative project-based learning during 10 weeks. Students as groups created educational web sites on Science and Technology subjects by working co9llaboratively in Information Technologies lessons. This research was an action research case study. The major purpose of the study was to enhance the collaborative skills of students by applying a new practice. Besides this, it was aimed that all students could use computer more comfortably and by discovering and could use their computer skills in other disciplines. Qualitative data were collected through student interviews, observations, web site evaluation rubrics, and forum archives. It was seen that students enjoyed project-based learning and they gained the habit of working together developed with the help of collaborative group work. Moreover, they started to appreciate peer support and learned to respect each other’s ideas. According to results, aware of responsibility of both low-achievers and high achievers increased. The feeling of self-confidence they gained when they completed the project helped them to overcome their fear to use computer. Most of the students preferred using computer in their projects or homework from other disciplines.