Mining association rules for quality related data in an electronics company

Kılınç, Yasemin
Quality has become a central concern as it has been observed that reducing defects will lower the cost of production. Hence, companies generate and store vast amounts of quality related data. Analysis of this data is critical in order to understand the quality problems and their causes, and to take preventive actions. In this thesis, we propose a methodology for this analysis based on one of the data mining techniques, association rules. The methodology is applied for quality related data of an electronics company. Apriori algorithm used in this application generates an excessively large number of rules most of which are redundant. Therefore we implement a three phase elimination process on the generated rules to come up with a reasonably small set of interesting rules. The approach is applied for two different data sets of the company, one for production defects and one for raw material non-conformities. We then validate the resultant rules using a test data set for each problem type and analyze the final set of rules.
Citation Formats
Y. Kılınç, “Mining association rules for quality related data in an electronics company,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.