Exploring representation of nature of science aspects in science textbooks

Yamak, Yeliz
The aim of this study was to examine middle school science textbooks according to some criteria in terms of nature of science (NOS). A total of three middle school science textbooks in 6th, 7th and 8th grade and two biology units were analyzed in each textbook. In the 6th grade science textbooks, “Reproduction, Development and Growth in Living Beings”and “Systems in Our Body” units, in the 7th grade science textbook, “Systems in Our Body” and “Human and Environment” units, in the 8th grade science textbook, “Cell Division and Heredity” and “Livings and Energy Relationships” units were analyzed by using “Nature of Science Criteria”, adapted from Gunckel’s (2004) study. The instrument consists of 3 categories, 9 criteria and 28 indicators. The categories are: “Science as Authoritative Knowledge”, “Science as Understanding Phenomena” and “Science as the Social Construction of Knowledge”. A qualitative oriented approach was performed and content analysis method was used to assess the science textbooks. Data were analyzed by percentage and frequency analysis. Reliability was calculated by Cohen’s Kappa and the value 0,71 which was found is reliable. The results of this study revealed that the three science textbooks inadequately presented the nature of science categories. It was also found that the percentages of almost all the indicators were under fifty. The textbooks presented the “science as authoritative knowledge” category relatively higher than the other two categories. The “science as the sociocultural construction of knowledge” category was portrayed less than the other two categories.


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Y. Yamak, “Exploring representation of nature of science aspects in science textbooks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.