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Russian foreign policy towards Iran under Vladimir Putin : 2000-2008

Dinpajouh, Mona
This thesis analyses the foreign policy of Russia towards Iran during Vladimir Putin’s presidency. This thesis examines energy, security and regional issues in relation to the cooperation between these two states. Contrary to the view that Russia’s relation with Iran is an example of strategic partnership, this thesis argues that Russia does not consider Iran as a strategic partner due to her own global ambitions. Russia just seeks to keep Iran under her sphere of influence. In fact, Russia’s is not willing to consider Iran as a strategic partner due to the differences in state structures and national interests of these states. This thesis has six chapters. The first chapter is the introductory chapter. The second chapter gives a historical background on Russian – Iranian relations until Vladimir Putin’s rise to presidency in 2000. The third chapter discusses the role of energy, while the fourth chapter analyses the importance of security issues and their effects on the dynamics of “cooperation” between Russia and Iran. The fifth chapter discusses regional dimension of Russia’s relations with Iran. Final chapter is the conclusion.