An Investigation on the maximum dry density and compressibility of coarse granular soils

Mendeş, Murat


An Investigation of the Kinetics and Oxidative Thermodegradation Properties of Waste Telephone Pole Samples Treated with Metal Salts
Yorulmaz, S. Y.; Atımtay, Aysel (2013-12-02)
In the present study, combustion mechanisms, activation energy, and exponential constants were investigated for natural pine and acid copper chromate impregnated telephone pole. Oxidative thermodegradation was carried out in air environment at different heating rates by using thermogravimetric analysis. In order to calculate thermal kinetics, the Coats Redfern method was used. There were less flammable products, lower weight losses in the main oxidation region, a decrease in the maximum weight loss temperat...
An Investigation of the increase in variability of standard penetration test results for gravelly soils
Pehlivan, Alper; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tolga; Department of Engineering Sciences (2019)
Variability in the results of standard penetration tests (SPT) due to nonuniformity of particle size distribution in soil layers is a known issue in geotechnical applications. Such phenomenon may result in artificial increase in penetration resistance in silts, clays and sands due to encountering large particles. An analysis of SPT variability in such cases can be conducted by dividing the total penetration distance into two smaller segments. In this study, the difference between number of blow counts for t...
An Investigation of Activated Sludge Floc Structure in Relation to Solids Retention Time
Sesay, Mohamed Lamin; Sanin, Faika Dilek (2004-04-01)
An investigation of heavy metal biosorption in relation to C/N ratio of activated sludge
Yuncu, Bilgen; Sanin, Faika Dilek; Yetiş, Ülkü (2006-09-21)
The effect of ON ratio of activated sludge on heavy metal biosorption was investigated. Three sets of semi-continuous reactors with different feed ON ratios (9, 21 and 43 mg COD/mg TKN) were set up. Sorption equilibrium tests have indicated that the biosorptive capacity of activated sludge was highly dependent on metal species and the ON ratio. The increase in ON ratio resulted in an increase in the Cd(II) sorption capacity of activated sludge whereas it decreased the Cu(II) sorption capacity. As for Zn(II)...
An investigation on permeability characteristics of soil-bentonite cut off walls.
Diab, Jamal; Department of Civil Engineering (1985)
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M. Mendeş, “An Investigation on the maximum dry density and compressibility of coarse granular soils,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.