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Interior and exterior noise analysis of a single engine propeller aircraft using statistical energy analysis method

Kiremitçi, Utku
Two different Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) models of a single turbo-prop engine propeller aircraft have been developed to predict the interior and exterior noise levels. The commercial software VA One is used for the analysis. First model is a pure SEA model developed with ribbed plates on the aircraft exterior. Second model is a hybrid model which employs finite element (FE) modeling of aircraft components with low modal density. These models have been analyzed for three different flight conditions, namely, take-off, cruise and climb for three different damping loss factors in each condition. Wind tunnel measurements are used to estimate the turbulent boundary layer (TBL) information on the surface of the aircraft. Propeller noise together with TBL loading are then used as the excitation for the models. Flow paths of energy are identified and cabin interior noise levels are predicted for the developed models. Results of analyses are comparatively evaluated.