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Situating and constructing the history, identity and spatiality of a settlement: the case of Başhüyük town in Konya province

İtez, Özüm
In this research, the settling history of a site called Bashüyük will be studied. This site is a village where a group of immigrants settled with the instruction of Ottoman Empire on early 20th century after their immigration from Caucasus. The first part of this study will elaborate the foundation of this site as an Ottoman village with Caucasian settlers in Konya Province; with respect to many settling legislations and other immigrant villages of the era. The second part will be discussing and elaborating the fore coming spatial and social transformations of this village from its foundation through Turkish republic to this day. Finally on the last part of the study, the notions of preservation, restoration and possible future scenarios of this 102 years old village will be discussed.