Modeling and experimental evaluation of variable speed pump and valve controlled hydraulic servo drives

Çalışkan, Hakan
In this thesis study, a valveless hydraulic servo system controlled by two pumps is investigated and its performance characteristics are compared with a conventional valve controlled system both experimentally and analytically. The two control techniques are applied on the position control of a single rod linear actuator. In the valve controlled system, the flow rate through the actuator is regulated with a servovalve; whereas in the pump controlled system, two variable speed pumps driven by servomotors regulate the flow rate according to the needs of the system, thus eliminating the valve losses. To understand the dynamic behaviors of two systems, the order of the differential equations defining the system dynamics of the both systems are reduced by using the fact that the dynamic pressure changes in the hydraulic cylinder chambers become linearly dependent on leakage coefficients and cylinder chamber volumes above and below some prescribed cut off frequencies. Thus the open loop speed response of the pump controlled and valve controlled systems are defined by v second order transfer functions. The two systems are modeled in MATLAB Simulink environment and the assumptions are validated. For the position control of the single rod hydraulic actuator, a linear state feedback control scheme is applied. Its state feedback gains are determined by using the linear and linearized reduced order dynamic system equations. A linear Kalman filter for pump controlled system and an unscented Kalman filter for valve controlled system are designed for estimation and filtering purposes. The dynamic performances of both systems are investigated on an experimental test set up developed by conducting open loop and closed loop frequency response and step response tests. MATLAB Real Time Windows Target (RTWT) module is used in the tests for application purposes.


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H. Çalışkan, “Modeling and experimental evaluation of variable speed pump and valve controlled hydraulic servo drives,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.