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Turkey's experience of forced migration after 1980s and social integration: a comparative analysis of Diyarbakır and İstanbul

Mutlu, Yeşim
This thesis tries to display the practice of forced migration experienced in East and Southeast Anatolia after 1980s in Turkey and its consequences through the lived experiences of internally displaced women and children. In the first phase, the historical background of the practice of forced migration, which continues ever since the Ottoman period and the Republican period as well, has been analyzed within the framework of implementations and laws on settlement. In the second phase, in-depth interviews were made with internally displaced women and children living in Diyarbakır and Istanbul and embarking upon the lived experience of internally displaced women and children before, during and after the flight, the issue of social integration with the ‘host’ population was analyzed comparatively. What was claimed with this comparative analysis was the fact that there would be a significant difference on experiencing the consequences of forced migration and social integration among the internally displaced women and youngsters living in Diyarbakır, which is a metropolis Kurdish citizens are intense, and those living in Istanbul, where Kurdish citizens are relatively low in numbers. Consequently, through the information gathered with this study, the extent that internally displaced persons are socially integrated with the ‘host’ populations was depicted and that whether the spatial difference had a significant effect on the issue of social integration was analyzed.