Genetic algorithms for distributed database design and distributed database query optimization

Sevinç, Ender
The increasing performance of computers, reduced prices and ability to connect systems with low cost gigabit ethernet LAN and ATM WAN networks make distributed database systems an attractive research area. However, the complexity of distributed database query optimization is still a limiting factor. Optimal techniques, such as dynamic programming, used in centralized database query optimization are not feasible because of the increased problem size. The recently developed genetic algorithm (GA) based optimization techniques presents a promising alternative. We compared the best known GA with a random algorithm and showed that it achieves almost no improvement over the random search algorithm generating an equal number of random solutions. Then, we analyzed a set of possible GA parameters and determined that two-point truncate technique using GA gives the best results. New mutation and crossover operators defined in our GA are experimentally analyzed within a synthetic distributed database having increasing the numbers of relations and nodes. The designed synthetic database replicated relations, but there was no horizontal/vertical fragmentation. We can translate a select-project-join query including a fragmented relation with N fragments into a corresponding query with N relations. Comparisons with optimal results found by exhaustive search are only 20% off the results produced by our new GA formulation showing a 50% improvement over the previously known GA based algorithm.
Citation Formats
E. Sevinç, “Genetic algorithms for distributed database design and distributed database query optimization,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.