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Antmen Altunsoy, Ezgi (1)
Demirci, Utkan (1)
Durmuş, Naşide Gözde (1)
Ermiş Şen, Menekşe (1)
Güven, Sinan (1)

Cancer microenvironment (1)
Cancer model (1)
Hydrodynamic forces (1)
Hydrogels (1)
Microfluidics (1)

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2018 - 2019 (1)
2020 - 2021 (1)

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Extracellular matrix, cell adhesion, cell substrate interactions, mechanobiology
Antmen Altunsoy, Ezgi (Wiley-VCH Verlag Weinheim GmbH, 2021-03-01)
Hydrogels as a New Platform to Recapitulate the Tumor Microenvironment
Ermiş Şen, Menekşe; Çalıbaşı, Gizem; Güven, Sinan; Durmuş, Naşide Gözde; Rizvi, Imran; Hasan, Tayyaba; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2018-01-01)
Recent advances in tissue engineering include the incorporation of multiple cell types into three-dimensional (3D) hydrogels to recapitulate extracellular matrix (ECM) structures and the functionality of living tissues in ...
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