The synthesis of hydroxymethyl containing cyclitol derivatives

Kaya, Nihal
Cyclitols have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years because of diverse biological activities exhibited by them and also synthetic usefulness in the synthesis of other natural compounds or pharmaceuticals. The presence of hydroxymethyl groups in many cyclitols units building natural products is also attracting a remarkable attention. In this study, novel synthetic strategies leading to cyclitol derivatives including hydroxymethyl groups were investigated and the syntheses of bis-homoinositol derivative 127 and hydroxymethyl containing conduritol derivative 137 were achieved successfully. For the synthesis of bishomo-chiro-inositol (127), lactone derivative 132 was synthesized as key compound. The molecule was functionalized with the use of photooxygenation and epoxidation reactions to get target stereochemistry. For the synthesis of hydroxymethyl containing conduritol 137, hydroxymethyl substituted p-benzoquinone derivative 136 was synthesized as a key compound. Bromination of related double bond, reduction of carbonyl groups and the following substitution of bromine atoms form the basis of our strategy. As a result we enabled to synthesize novel cyclitol derivatives stereoselectively by using commercially available starting compounds and well known reactions.
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N. Kaya, “The synthesis of hydroxymethyl containing cyclitol derivatives,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.