The boulevard as a communication tool; Atatürk Boulevard

Kesim, Berk
The main concern of this thesis is examining the affects and causes of traffic oriented design on the social generation of boulevards in terms of communication. For this purpose, boulevard concept and its historical evaluation are explained. In addition, communication is used as a tool for understanding, combining and examining the social and technical structure of boulevard. In this respect, this thesis aims to explore the boulevard concept with the spatial communication measures. To provide empirical evidence, a chart of categories of communication is prepared in terms of human and machine interposed aspects of communication. The activities of relation along the boulevard are examined by transversal and longitudinal movements with the help of the behavioral sciences and proxemics and the theoretical relation between boulevard and communication is applied on the case of The Atatürk Boulevard, Ankara. It is observed from the findings that, longitudinal movement prior to situated activity is increased, the transversal movement prior to random activity is decreased. This causes the loss of human aspects along the boulevard, which is designed for human.
Citation Formats
B. Kesim, “The boulevard as a communication tool; Atatürk Boulevard,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.