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Direction finding for coherent, cyclostationary signals via a uniform circular array

Atalay Çetinkaya, Burcu
In this thesis work, Cyclic Root MUSIC method is integrated with spatial smoothing and interpolation techniques to estimate the direction of arrivals of coherent,cyclostationary signals received via a Uniform Circular Array (UCA). Cyclic Root MUSIC and Conventional Root MUSIC algorithms are compared for various signal scenarios by computer simulations. A cyclostationary process is a random process with probabilistic parameters, such as the autocorrelation function, that vary periodically with time. Most of the man-made communication signals exhibit cyclostationarity due to the periodicity arising from their carrier frequencies, chip rates, baud rates, etc. Cyclic Root MUSIC algorithm exploits the cyclostationarity properties of signals to achieve signal selective direction of arrival estimation. Spatial smoothing is presented to overcome the coherent signals problem in a multipath propagation environment. Forward spatial smoothing and forward backward spatial smoothing techniques are investigated. Interpolation method is presented to cope with the restrictions of spatial smoothing on array structure. Although the array structure that is considered in this thesis (Uniform Circular Array), is not suitable for applying spatial smoothing directly, using interpolation method makes it possible. Performance of Cyclic Root MUSIC and Conventional Root MUSIC algorithms are compared under variation of various factors by computer simulations. Effects of signal type on the performance of the algorithms are observed by using different signal scenarios.