Differential gene expression analysis in drug resistant multiple myeloma cell lines

Mutlu, Pelin
The emergence of drug-resistance of tumor cells is a major complication for succesful chemotherapy. In this study, the molecular mechanisms of resistance to prednisone, vincristine and melphalan in multiple myeloma cell lines, RPMI-8226 and U-266 were investigated. Drug resistance was induced by application of the drugs by stepwise dose increments and confirmed by XTT cytotoxicity assay. Gene expression analysis demostrated that MDR1 gene is one of the most important factor causing the multidrug resistance phenotype in prednisone, vincristine and melphalan resistant multiple myeloma cell lines. According to microarray analysis alterations in laminin, integrin and collagen genes were detected. Additionally, upregulation of some oncogenes and growth factors (Rho family of GTPases, YES1, ACT2, TGFBR, EPS15, PDGF) was shown to have a role in MDR in multiple myeloma. Significant downregulation of suppressors of cytokine signalling gene expressions and upregulation of different types of interleukine and interferon gene expressions (IL3 and interferon-gamma receptor) which are related to JAK-STAT signalling pathay was shown. Alterations in expression levels of genes related to ceramide metabolism were shown especially for melphalan resistance in multiple myeloma. The data from vincristine/prednisone and vincristine/melphalan drug combination studies were shown that the usage of vincristine on prednisone and melphalan resistant multiple myeloma cell lines increase the efficacy of the chemotherapy. On the other hand the cross-resistance development of prednisone and melphalan resistant sublines to irradiation was detected. These results may help to understand the molecular mechanisms of prednisone, vincristine and melphalan resistance in multiple myeloma model cell lines RPMI-8226 and U-266.
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P. Mutlu, “Differential gene expression analysis in drug resistant multiple myeloma cell lines,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.