The effects of rhythm training on tennis performance

Söğüt, Mustafa
The purpose of the study were; to compare the effects of tennis specific and general rhythm training on the forehand consistency performance, rhythmic competence, tennis playing level and agility performance, and to examine the effects of different tempos on rhythmic competence of tennis players. 30 university students whose mean score of International Tennis Number (ITN) was 7.3 (SD=0.9) were divided randomly into three sub-groups: tennis group (TG), general rhythm training group (GRTG), and tennis-specific rhythm training group (TRTG). Measurement instruments were ITN, Agility Test, Rhythmic Competence Analysis Test (RCAT), and Untimed Consecutive Rally Test (UCRT). A Kruskal-Wallis Test was conducted to calculate possible differences between initial scores and to compare improvement scores of groups. A Mann-Whitney U Test was conducted to determine pairwise comparisons of groups for improvement scores and to analyze RCAT scores for different tempos. Results revealed that participants in both rhythm training groups (GRTG and TRTG) improved their forehand consistency performance and rhythmic competence significantly after training period. Results for the improvement scores indicated that there was significant difference in UCRT (3m) between TRTG and TG and in RCAT (50) between both rhythm training groups and TG. On the other hand, participation to additional rhythm trainings was unable to differentiate tennis playing level and agility performance of groups. There was no significant difference between rhythm training groups for all parameters tested. Results also revealed that synchronization of participants’ movements with the external stimulus was more precise at fast tempo than at slow tempo.


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M. Söğüt, “The effects of rhythm training on tennis performance,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.