Performance evaluation of flexray networks for in-vehicle communication

Demirci, Ali
The increasing use of electronic components in today’s automobiles demands more powerful in-vehicle network communication protocols. FlexRay protocol, which is expected be the de-facto standard in the near future, is a deterministic, fault tolerant and fast protocol designed for in vehicle communication. In the near future, safety critical X-by-Wire applications will be available in the automobiles and FlexRay networks can be used to provide communication for the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that perform related functions of X-by-Wire applications. In this thesis the performance of the FlexRay networks with various communication scenarios is evaluated in a real time environment and the results are presented. Communication scenarios investigate both static and dynamic segment of the FlexRay and allow evaluating the capabilities of the protocol. Several performance metrics such as utilization, static slot allocation, jitter are defined for the evaluation of the results.
Citation Formats
A. Demirci, “Performance evaluation of flexray networks for in-vehicle communication,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.