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Rotation, scale and translation invariant automatic target recognition using template matching for satellite imagery

Ertürk, Alp
In this thesis, rotation, scale and translation (RST) invariant automatic target recognition (ATR) for satellite imagery is presented. Template matching is used to realize the target recognition. However, unlike most of the studies of template matching in the literature, RST invariance is required in our problem, since most of the time we will have only a small number of templates of each target, while the targets to be recognized in the scenes will have various orientations, scaling and translations. RST invariance is studied in detail and implemented with some of the competing methods in the literature, such as Fourier-Mellin transform and bipectrum combined with log-polar mapping. Phase correlation and normalized cross-correlation are used as similarity metrics. Encountered drawbacks were overcome with additional operations and modifications of the algorithms. ATR using reconstruction of the target image with respect to the template, based on bispectrum, log-polar mapping and phase correlation outperformed the other methods and successful recognition was realized for various target types, especially for targets on relatively simpler backgrounds, i.e. containing little or no other objects.