Modeling and simulation of a navigation system with an IMU and a Magnetometer

Kayasal, Uğur
In this thesis, the integration of a MEMS based inertial measurement unit and a three axis solid state magnetometer are studied. It is a fact that unaided inertial navigation systems, especially low cost MEMS based navigation systems have a divergent behavior. Nowadays, many navigation systems use GPS aiding to improve the performance, but GPS may not be applicable in some cases. Also, GPS provides the position and velocity reference whereas the attitude information is extracted through estimation filters. An alternative reference source is a three axis magnetometer, which provides direct attitude measurements. In this study, error propagation equations of an inertial navigation system are derived; measurement equations of magnetometer for Kalman filtering are developed; the unique method to self align the MEMS navigation system is developed. In the motion estimation, the performance of the developed algorithms are compared using a GPS aided system and magnetometer aided system. Some experiments are conducted for self alignment algorithms.
Citation Formats
U. Kayasal, “Modeling and simulation of a navigation system with an IMU and a Magnetometer,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.