An approach for including business requirements to soa design

Ocaktürk, Murat
In this thesis, a service oriented decomposition approach: Use case Driven Service Oriented Architecture (UDSOA), is introduced to close the gap between business requirements and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) design by including business use cases and system use cases into decomposition process. The approach is constructed upon Service Oriented Software Engineering (SOSE) modeling technique and aims to fill the deficits of it at the decomposition phase. Further, it aims to involve both business vision and Information Technologies concerns in the decomposition process. This approach starts with functional top-down decomposition of the domain. Then, business use cases are used for further decomposition because of their high-level view. This connects the business requirements and our SOA design. Also it raises the level of abstraction which allows us to focus on business services. Second step of the SOA approach uses system use cases to continue decomposition. System use cases help discovering technical web services and allocating them on the decomposition tree. Service oriented analysis also helps separating business and technical services in tightly coupled architecture conditions. Those two steps together bring quality in to both problem and solution domains.
Citation Formats
M. Ocaktürk, “An approach for including business requirements to soa design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.