Rethinking the implications of flexibilisation of labour markets:the case of home-based production in Tuzlucayir,Ankara

Metin, Şahin
Flexibilisation of labour markets has been one of the significant outcomes of the neoliberal transformation processes in all over world. This development, which is indeed one of aims of the neoliberal reforms as well, has been comprehended differently by liberal Institutionalist and critical Marxist perspectives. According to the liberal Institutionalists, the flexibilisation of labour can generate positive results for labour, while for the scholars of Marxist tradition the flexibilisation of labouring processes has to be understood in relation to capitalist concerns to ensure better command of capital over labour. This thesis investigates the validity of these approaches by focusing on the working conditions of one of the most flexible parts of world labour, the home-based women workers. On the basis of ten in-depth interviews conducted with the home-based women labourers living in the Tuzluçayır district of Ankara, it states that liberal Institutionalist arguments on the flexibilization of labour markets are hard to be approved. For the home-based woman labourers in Tuzluçayır in no way represent a group with autonomy and enhanced skills though their gender has provided their employers with ample opportunities for exploitation, opportunities which are not available in the case of the male workers. In dialogue with the feminist approaches to home-based woman labourers, this thesis shows how in home-based working women’s exploitation as labourers has become articulated with their gender-based social subordination vis-à-vis their husbands, brothers and/or fathers in their families.


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Ş. Metin, “Rethinking the implications of flexibilisation of labour markets:the case of home-based production in Tuzlucayir,Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.