Long-term potentiation in teaching vocabulary in foreign language

Bilgin, Zikri
This thesis mainly intends to study and reach some conclusions related to major challenges concerning vocabulary teaching or learning, how vocabulary teaching can be improved, findings obtained from the studies in order to reach that purpose and to what extend the suggested alternative vocabulary techniques are effective. It is also aimed to outline the basic insights of the mind, storage, and retrieval from the literature involving linguistics and language teaching. Based on above mentioned background knowledge, it is also intended to derive some significant conclusions to improve the effectiveness and thus the quality of vocabulary teaching in language instruction. In accordance with the principles of the human memory, how we can alter current vocabulary instruction techniques and activities and what scholars offer language teachers and learners are dealt with in detail. So as to validate and prove the efficiency of suggested techniques and activities, a case study is carried out and findings are discussed at large. Additionally, interviews about vocabulary teaching have been carried out with the involved students and instructors and the obtained data has been evaluated. In the final part of the research, some implications and suggestion related to vocabulary teaching are provided along with the underlying rationale behind them aiming to increase the quality of teaching of lexical items and as a result to increase overall quality of language instruction.
Citation Formats
Z. Bilgin, “Long-term potentiation in teaching vocabulary in foreign language,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2010.