A conwip application in an electronics company

Güngörer, Elif
In this thesis, a real world application of the constant work in process (Conwip) system in an electronics company is realized. The aim of the application is to reduce the work in process (WIP) inventory while maintaining the same throughput level. A model is developed to determine the constant work in process level of the Conwip system for the production lines in this company. The approximated mean value analysis approach is used for the solution. Real system data are collected before and after the Conwip application. Hypothesis tests are used to compare the WIP and the throughput levels of the Conwip system with the existing push control system for a pilot production line. Results of the hypothesis tests show that the Conwip production control system can signinifcantly reduce the WIP while maintaining the same throughput rate.


A rescheduling problem with controllable processing times:trade-off between number of disrupted jobs and reschedulingcosts
Cincioğlu, Derya; Gürel, Sinan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
In this thesis, we consider a rescheduling problem on non-identical parallel machines with controllable processing times. A period of unavailability occurs on one of the machines due to a machine failure, material shortage or broken tool. These disruptions may cause the original schedule to become ine cient and sometimes infeasible. In order to generate a new and feasible schedule, we are dealing with two conflicting measures called the e ciency and stability measures simultaneously. The e ciency measure ev...
A heuristic approach for the single machine scheduling tardiness problems
Özbakır, Saffet İlker; Kırca, Ömer; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
In this thesis, we study the single machine scheduling problem. Our general aim is to schedule a set of jobs to the machine with a goal to minimize tardiness value. The problem is studied for two objectives: minimizing total tardiness value and minimizing total weighted tardiness value. Solving optimally this problem is difficult, because both of the total tardiness problem and total weighted tardiness problem are NP-hard problems. Therefore, we construct a heuristic procedure for this problem. Our heuristi...
The application and evaluation of functional link net techniques in forecasting electricity demand
Yılmaz Öztürk, Işık Ekin; Güven, Yusuf Çağlar; Department of Industrial Engineering (2008)
This thesis analyzes the application of functional link-net (FLN) method in forecasting electricity demand in Turkey. Current official forecasting model (MAED), which is employed by Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ) and other methods are discussed. An emprical investigation and evaluation of using functional link nets is provided.
Advanced readout and control electronics for mems gyroscopes
Temiz, Yüksel; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
This thesis reports the development of advanced readout and control electronics for MEMS gyroscopes developed at METU. These gyroscope electronics are separated into three main groups: high sensitive interface circuits, drive mode amplitude controlled self oscillation loops, and sense mode phase sensitive amplitude demodulators. The proposed circuits are first implemented with discrete components, and then integrated on CMOS chips. A self oscillation loop enabling constant amplitude drive mode vibrations in...
Demand driven disassembly planning
Ertem, Tulû; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin; Department of Industrial Engineering (2007)
In this thesis, we deal with the demand driven disassembly planning. The main aim of the study is to construct heuristic approaches according to the suggested improvements in the literature. These heuristic approaches are further improved by recognizing the key points of the disassembly planning problem. All of the solution approaches aim minimizing total cost related to relevant costs of disassembly operations. Another subject given attention in this thesis is the importance of the setup cost on the disass...
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E. Güngörer, “A conwip application in an electronics company,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.