Evaluation of environmental attitudes of elementary school students

Tarsus Baş, Meltem
This thesis aimed to assess attitudes of primary school students toward environment by four dimensions; awareness of environmental problems, awareness of individual responsibility general awareness of solutions and awareness of national environmental problems according to gender, grade level, student parents’ education level and student parents’ occupation. Data was obtained by the application of Environmental Attitude Questionnaire (EAQ) during 2009-2010 semesters. The sample of the study is comprised of 817 students from seven public schools in Bodrum. Data were analyzed by using frequency distributions, one-way ANOVA, independent sample t-test, Pearson product-moment correlation (zero order). Findings revealed that, there is a statistically significant effect of grade level, gender, mothers’ and fathers’ education level on students’ attitudes. Moreover, frequency distributions of the student responses indicated that students were aware of general and national environmental problems and individual responsibilities but they were mostly undecided about the effects of industrialization on the environment. Besides, they were not aware of the role of science and technology for finding solutions for environmental problems. Another important finding regarding to local circumstances was that, students living in Bodrum are not aware of the local environmental problems, such as the reasons for sea pollution. It is concluded as a result that, environmental education attempts shall be proceeded in accordance with the local conditions as well as national and global issues and the curriculum should lead students to make relations between life styles and environmental problems.


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M. Tarsus Baş, “Evaluation of environmental attitudes of elementary school students,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.