Sociological analysis of new trends in vocational education and training (vet) in Turkey

Özaltan, Aslı
The aim of this study is to put forth the relationship between the transformation of the labor market and the production process and the vocational education and training in Turkey. The Study will reflect the effects of transformation on the individual and society. The research is conducted through interviews with social partners. The study touches upon the reflection of the understanding of new vocationalism adopted in line with the flexibilisation in the organization of work on the vocational and technical education in Turkey. It tries to explain how this new educational approach is shaped on the basis of the main three discourses such as lifelong learning, employability and flexibility. Consequently, the research focuses on the idea that transformation of vocational education and training in Turkey has occurred at discursive level and also based upon the prevailing opinion on the necessity of developing human resources in compliance with the needs of the economy; that the transformation process. Contrary to expectations of the new vocational education and training system, it produces individual who feel themselves anxious and uncertain about the future, fear and feel in insecure, and accordingly, experiences deprivation and social exclusion.
Citation Formats
A. Özaltan, “Sociological analysis of new trends in vocational education and training (vet) in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.