Smoothing and differentiation of dynamic data

Titrek, Fatih
Smoothing is an important part of the pre-processing step in Signal Processing. A signal, which is purified from noise as much as possible, is necessary to achieve our aim. There are many smoothing algorithms which give good result on a stationary data, but these smoothing algorithms don’t give expected result in a non-stationary data. Studying Acceleration data is an effective method to see whether the smoothing is successful or not. The small part of the noise that takes place in the Displacement data will affect our Acceleration data, which are obtained by taking the second derivative of the Displacement data, severely. In this thesis, some linear and non-linear smoothing algorithms will be analyzed in a non-stationary dataset.
Citation Formats
F. Titrek, “Smoothing and differentiation of dynamic data,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.