Quantum mechanical treatment of fullerene-based systems doped with various metal and non-metal elements as prospective spin-qubits

Polad, Serkan
In this thesis, We have calculated the optimized geometries, electronic structures and spin distributions of metal and non-metal elements Li, Na, N and P doped C60 fullerene dimers and trimers with different spin multiplicities using hybrid density functional theory (DFT) at the B3LYP/6-31G level of theory. Natural population analysis and Mulliken population analysis show that non-metal elements (N, P) inside the C60 fullerene dimers and trimers are well isolated and preserve their electronic structures while charge transfer processes occur between metal elements(Li, Na) and C60 structures. Energy calculations showed that both doped and undoped linear C60 structures are energetically lower than triangular C60 structures. Calculated spin density distributions make non-metal doped C60 structures advantageous over metal doped C60 cages as spin cluster qubits.