Rfid integrated approach to streamline information flow for structural steel members

Akçay, Emre Caner
A variety of information items related to building components need to be accessed and exchanged between design, manufacturing and construction companies, during various phases of a life-cycle of a component. This information accessing and exchange process is especially important for customized components, such as steel components, because more information items are associated with these customized components. Within the current practice, information about steel components is mainly exchanged on paper-based documents and component location identification is maintained via manual searching methods. It was observed that locating components using these approaches are either time consuming and inaccurate. Furthermore document based information exchange is not efficient. The proposed research focuses on the identified need with the objectives of identifying information items required during design, manufacturing, shipment and installation phases of structural steel members and providing new approach that can enable accessing component specific information and locating components during manufacturing, shipment and installation in a timely manner. This approach benefits from the opportunities provided by RFID technology.
Citation Formats
E. C. Akçay, “Rfid integrated approach to streamline information flow for structural steel members,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.